If My Life Were a Tv Show

Have you ever wondered why your life isn’t a television series? I have. Why? Because I’m HILARIOUS! Or at least I think so.  Maybe it’s a Southern thing or maybe I am just a product of my Momma and Daddy and just say whatever may come to my mind no matter the repercussions of my actions.  Seriously though.. I think my life would be like a One Tree Hill meets Gilmore Girls meets The Goldbergs meets New Girl.  What that boils down to? A S**T show 🙂

If you ever want to get to know someone… Stalk her pinterest… or her screenshots / downloaded pictures.

Below are pictures from my phone that I thought were verbatim from my life… Judge me if you must, but you can’t tell me these aren’t funny!  So… You’re welcome and I’ll see you next post with more of my entertaining life and wonderful life lessons from Momma ♥

SC20121114-194553 SC20121115-000228 SC20121119-005042-1 sorry-only-ring-wearing-valentines-day-ecard-someecards SC20140916-161814-1 SC20131127-231734-1 SC20130723-190314-1 SC20131110-020403-1 SC20130421-000927-1 SC20130413-164814-1 SC20130316-203102-1 SC20130312-205455-1 SC20130302-210059-1 SC20130131-220318-1 SC20130113-151759-1 SC20130126-141120-1 SC20130128-183549-1 SC20121111-173134-1 SC20121114-005852-1 SC20121106-203341-1 SC20121031-163026-1 SC20121025-094632-1 SC20121018-174944-1 SC20121025-095814-1 SC20121026-004039-1 SC20121006-164153-1 SC20120602-135644 1512755_613423385392030_2128334190_n 1503317_10152697582644668_664082991305868882_n 481239_428276850600039_1439170584_n 1375285_538036906277593_150635232_n 1391509_534613766619756_1315946180_n


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