Dealing with Death

      My first post is kind of sad and depressing, but it is something that we all go through and people tend to avoid talking about. Kind of like a guy avoiding the “How many sex partners have you had?” question. Yes, I went there!

      Death.  Where do our loved ones go once they pass? Do you believe in afterlife? Do you believe in God and Heaven? Do you believe people really rot in hell for their sins on Earth? Or do you believe that we have a God that forgives all sins and welcomes us home with open arms? Or do you have no faith and no beliefs at all?  

     Being a Southern Belle and a Baptist to boot, I have my own beliefs.  I believe in God.  I have witnessed the miracle of God and I have seen God’s work in the world around me as well as in my life.  There is not a soul in the world that could change my faith and like I believe in my Bible and my God, I believe in my guns as well.  I have lost a many of people in my short life for many different reasons- Suicide, cancer, car accidents, heart defects, old age, etc.   The worst part? Not being able to call your Nanna to tell her about your every day life and to include her in your decisions; not being able to have your Pawpaw tell you inappropriate jokes and tell you stories from his childhood; not having your aunt around to be a friend; or not being able to go to a party or have a lazy night with your friend.  Not to mention you constantly question how different your life might be if they were still here today (Insert Kenny Chesney “Who You’d Be Today” Here).  Down South, we’re told that with God, Faith, some bullets, and our angels nothing can stop us.  That I believe wholeheartedly.  Being 22 and being on your own is hard enough.  Like, high school and college didn’t prepare me for life? It prepared me for… well, dissecting animals and how to dress like a bum and get away with it (Thank you giant t-shirts and norts). Death can bring out the best in people and the worst.  Everyone has their own way of healing and dealing with the pain and hurt of knowing that we have to live out the rest of our lives without those people.  Why does our amygdala not have an on off switch?! I for one have suffered from this in my life.  I have even been clinically diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and extreme depression due to not being able to deal with loss and other stuff (We’ll save that jazz for another blog post- Stay tuned folks!).  Basically, what all this babbling boils down to is that together, we can get through anything, but not without faith!

     So when a tragedy like death happens, no matter the circumstances of that death, lend a hand to hold to those in the stages of grief and maybe a shoulder to cry on too. Gather together to remember the good times.  Learn to be a listener, a lover, and a friend.  You never know, you may be saving a life ♥  

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